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Keiko’s Pony Rescue
by Crystal Velasquez

It’s a good book!

Food wars- It was really good just hoping there's more in the sereis

The Other Black Girl
by Zakiya Dalila Harris

Some relevant issues, but way too many character and the storyline goes on for way too long. It pained me to read to the end.

by Julie Buxbaum

A “ripped from the headlines” YA that is very engaging.

The Foolish Tortoise - loved reading this book and looking at the pictures! Glad the turtle found his home again.

Crying In H Mart A Memoir
by Michelle Zauner

I've never heard of Michelle Zauner and I thought maybe this memoir was just for her fans, but it's not. I love the way she describes food throughout the novel explaining her Korean heritage along the way. Her relationship with her mother is perfectly expressed. Either Zauner has a great editor or she is just great at expressing herself on paper.

Vinegar Hill
by A. Manette Ansay

I did not enjoy this book. Too many bizarre people that I just wanted to strangle them all.

by Raina Telgemeier

it was very funny and cool.

by Raina Telgemeier

it was funny and a little gross.

When Stars Are Scattered
by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

When Star Are Scattered is a great book. It tells the story of a boy named Omar and his younger brother when they are in a refugee camp. Their home town was in a battle when they went their. They my have a chance to go somewhere. Will they ever leave the refugee camp? Find out in When Stars Are Scattered.
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